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DYNAmore Express: Good old *MAT_024 - A review of LS-DYNA’s most popular material model

*MAT_024 is probably the most used material model in LS-DYNA
and there are good reasons for this. Its algorithmic robustness,
efficiency and the load curve based input are among the key reasons why so many
users decide to use it. In this presentation, we will begin with a short review
of the theory behind *MAT_024 (which is in part the reason for its success),
followed by explanations about key features of the material model.
In particular, the handling of material curves (including LS-DYNA internal
rediscretization rules), the different approaches for strain rate dependence
through the VP flag and the use of linear or logarithmic interpolation will be presented.
Finally, we will give some hints and best practice advices for the
successful use of *MAT_024 in various applications.

Start: 9 Uhr
Dauer: 1 Stunde

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2 h Englisch frei


Filipe Andrade

Filipe Andrade

Materialmodellierung, FE-Theorie