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DYNAmore Express: Envyo - Mapping capabilities and recent developments

Envyo is a multi-purpose mapping tool developed and distributed by DYNAmore, dedicated to LS-DYNA users.

The goal of this presentation is to demonstrate already realized mapping capabilities and to give an overview on future plans and developments. The general need to map simulation result data is shown with the aid of
´dedicated examples. Besides industrial applications such as Short Fiber Reinforced Plastics, Wood-Forming and Bake-Hardening, an overview on research activities within the ARENA2036 and the VMAP result data standardization project will be given.

The webinar will close with an open discussion about alread existing features and further customer needs.

Start: 9:00 Uhr
Dauer: ca. 1 Std.

Termine Dauer/Tage Anmeldung Trainer Sprache(n) Ort Gebühr
2 h Christian Liebold Deutsch, Englisch Online frei


Christian Liebold

Christian Liebold



Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik