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LS-DYNA Kompakt: Contact Modeling in LS-DYNA (2 Teile)

The proper treatment the contact behavior between different components is essential. Driven by the increased demands for a wider range of applications of computer simulations, new numerical methods or multi-physical applications, the existing possibilities for contact description in LS-DYNA are constantly being developed further or have been supplemented by new methods. As a result, over the years LS-DYNA has gained a
vast amount of contact-treatments possibilities inside the simulation model. However, due to this variety, it becomes more and more difficult for the user to choose the suitable contact algorithm together with the suitable parameters.

In this webinar gives a deeper insight into the possibilities for contact treatment in LS-DYNA. This will enable the user to select the appropriate contact type for its application together with the appropriate control parameters. Note that the webinar serves as an extension to the our seminar/webinar "Introduction to LS-DYNA" and, thus, merely reviews the basics of contact definitions in LS-DYNA.

•    Review of contact definitions in LS-DYNA
•    Penalty, kinematic-constraint-based and tied contacts
•    Defining contacts in LS-DYNA
•    Contact definitions for specific applications, e. g. forming, crash
•    Troubleshooting guidelines

Note that this webinar is a condensed version of our attendance class "Contact Modelling in LS-DYNA".

Part 1: 13 July, 9-11 am
Part 2: 14 July, 9-11 am

Part 1: 12 October, 9-11 am
Part 2: 13 October, 9-11 am

Termine Dauer/Tage Anmeldung Trainer Sprache(n) Ort Gebühr
2 Tage Maik Schenke Englisch Online 400 €
2 Tage Maik Schenke Englisch Online 400 €


Maik Schenke

Maik Schenke


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