Introduction to SPG Method for Manufacturing and Material Failure Analysis

This one-day class will introduce the smoothed particle Galerkin (SPG) method and its application in manufacturing and material failure analysis. The SPG method is developed for modeling large deformation and material failure in semi-brittle and ductile materials in three-dimensional solid structures, in which a bond-based failure mechanism is utilized to model material failure. This method can be used to bridge the Lagrangian FEM and is exclusively available in LS-DYNA.

The class will provide the fundamental background, LS-DYNA keywords, practical applications (in analyzing relatively low speed manufacturing processes such as metal cutting, FDS, SPR and high velocity impact penetration on concrete and metal targets) with some experimental validations and latest developments.


Overview and introduction:

  • Overview of LS-DYNA meshfree methods
    • General features, capability and applicability of different meshfree kernels
  •  Introduction to LS-DYNA SPG method
    • Motivation, fundamentals, keywords
  • Examples of SPG in non-failure analysis
    • Elastic wave propagation & Taylor impact
  • SPG for ductile failure analysis in manufacturing processes
  • Input deck for SPG failure analysis
    • Control cards, SPG parameter cards, contact cards, material cards
    • SPG bond failure mechanism
  • Applications of SPG in destructive manufacturing analysis
    • Metal cutting, machining, riveting, friction drilling, FDS
    • Convergence study and sensitivity study to SPG parameters
  • SPG for impact penetration and fragmentation analysis
  • LS-DYNA keywords for SPG analysis of impact and fragmentation phenomena
    • Control cards, SPG parameter cards, contact cards, material cards
    • SPG self-contact algorithm to prevent material fusion and self-penetration
  • Numerical simulations of impact penetration and fragmentation processes
    • Penetration and perforation of metal targets
    • Perforation of multi-layered targets
    • Penetration and perforation of concrete targets
  • Convergence study and sensitivity study to SPG parameters

Termine Dauer/Tage Kalender Anmeldung Trainer Sprache(n) Ort Gebühr
20.10.2023, 09:00 - 17:00 1 Tag Zum Kalender Youcai Wu Englisch Baden-Baden 600 €


Youcai Wu

Youcai Wu



Meshfree methods for modeling manufacturing and material failure processes.