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Simulation Data Management

SCALE’s lineup includes the standard products LoCo, CAViT and Status.E for simulation data, process and requirements management, as well as IT services for individual software solutions on request. Our software products support the entire lifecycle of the typical CAE design workflow: CAD data › meshing › model assembly › solving › post processing › reporting and monitoring


CAViT - Integrated post data management system for tests and simulations

CAViT gives users simultaneous access to simulation and test data. The system offers assessments of simulation and test results on the basis of key results and ...more


LoCo - The innovative simulation data-management solution for your CAE data and processes

LoCo offers users a perfect working environment for their daily engineering tasks. Access to simulation and process data is easy. There are no limitations on sharing model data or more...


Status.E - Management of requirements and status tracking for your product development

Status.E is a client server application for managing requirements within the productdevelopment process. The software supports project managers in monitoring the ...more


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