DYNAmore Express: Recent Developments of the Mapping Software Envyo

The mapping software Envyo developed by DYNAmore GmbH – an Ansys Company, is a multi-purpose mapper dedicated to LS-DYNA users. The development focus is to provide a solution which transfers creates input data specifically in LS-DYNA *KEYWORD format and related binary containers such as lsda. With different user commands which can be directly defined within the ascii-based input file or through the provided graphical user interface (GUI), users may manipulate the transferred data based on their application requirements, vary search radii, or apply different homogenization and averaging schemes to the data. The data itself may come from different sources such as simulation results from LS-DYNA, but also other solvers either through their native format or through the VMAP interface. Furthermore, Envyo supports the transfer of experimental data based on a gray-scale mapping algorithm, allowing users to increase the accuracy of their digital twin. A strong collaboration with customers allows identifying possible mapping approaches and ensures that solutions can be provided based on the individual problem.

Within the presentation, a basic introduction into Envyo will be given, covering licensing schemes for individual users as well as company license management systems on both, Windows and Linux operating systems. This is followed by an overview on recent enhancements to Envyo being made within research projects and based upon customers requests.

The topics covered are

  • General enhancements
  • Enhancements for molding result consideration
  • Grayscale mapping for adhesives
  • Plybook considerations
  • Developments on homogenization across different length scales (micro-meso-macro)
  • Stochastic analysis setup


The presentation will conclude with an outlook on upcoming developments and the introduction of a software release plan, enhancing customer access to bug-fix versions and new releases.

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28.04.2023, 09:00 - 10:00 1 h Add to calendar English Online free


Christian Liebold

Christian Liebold


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