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New Features in LS-DYNA and LS-OPT

In the course of this information day, new developments in the multi-purpose computation program LS-DYNA and the associated optimization program LS-OPT will be presented. The purpose of this event is, on the one hand, to inform existing users about new possibilities, and, on the other hand, to provide interested parties who have already gained experience with other software products with a summary of the possibilities offered by LS-DYNA and LS-OPT.

LS-DYNA is one of the world's leading finite element software systems and is ideally suited for computer simulation of highly nonlinear physical problems in industry and research. Typical applications include crash simulation, metal forming, impact and drop tests, detonations, impact, penetration, fluid-structure interaction, as well as thermomechanical and electro-magnetically coupled problems.

In addition to explicit and implicit time integration and classical FEM, many particle methods such as EFG, SPH, SPG and DEM as well as isogeometric methods are also available. Moreover, the "One Code Strategy" allows many features to be easily interlinked, which means that a simulation can often effectively cover the overall process chain.

LS-OPT, on the other hand, is the independent optimization program of LSTC. It is ideally suited for the solution of highly nonlinear optimization problems and is thus ideally suited for application in conjunction with LS-DYNA. However, LS-OPT can be combined with any other software package. Thus, multidisciplinary problems can be solved.

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1/2 day Charlotte Keisser French Online free