Welcome at the DYNAmore Italia S.r.l.

Our new office in Turion is dedicated to support engineers to solve non-linear mechanical problems numerically. Our tools to model and solve the problems are the finite element software LS-DYNA as solver and LS-OPT for optimization. With in total 85 engineers in Europe we sell, teach, support, and co-develop the software and provide engineering services.

We are very pleased to offer you in 2016 again a wide range of seminars, information days, webinars and support days. The contents have been adapted to current technical developments and innovations.

With more than 190 presentations, 8 workshops, a comprehensive exhibition and 500 participants, the European LS-DYNA Conference Salzburg, Austria, was a great success.

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The 15th international LS-DYNA conference will be held 10 - 12 June 2018 in Detroit, USA. We are looking forward to your abstract submission.

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Request a 30 day evaluation license of LS-DYNA. The version has unlimited model size and comes with full support. It includes LS-PrePost and LS-OPT! ...more

The DYNAmore seminar schedule with details about seminars, information days and support days in 2017.

Seminar brochure

Seminar overview and registration

Discrete Element Method
Stuttgart (GER), 27.09.2017
Introduction to Passive Safety
Stuttgart (GER), 28.09.2017
Introduction to LS-DYNA
Turin (ITA) , 04.10.2017
Implicit Analysis using LS-DYNA
Stuttgart (GER), 09.10.2017
Introduction to LS-PrePost
Stuttgart (GER), 09.10.2017
Information days / webinars
Infoday Optimization
Stuttgart (GER), 25.09.2017
Infoday Simulation of Plastics
Stuttgart (GER), 27.09.2017
Infoday 4a-Impetus
Stuttgart (GER), 27.09.2017
Infoday Process Automation/SDM
Stuttgart (GER), 09.10.2017
Infoday Fatigue, Acoustics, NVH
Stuttgart (GER), 10.10.2017