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DYNAmore Express

The H2020 EXTREME Project: Composite Model Calibration for Impact Applications

Being a flagship project in the H2020 aviation programme implemented by INEA, the project EXTREME has pioneered experimental and numerical tools for the accurate and reliable design and manufacturing of aircraft composite structures under extreme dynamic loadings.

Update: Simulating Thermal-Mechanical Coupled Processes with LS-DYNA

Over the last years, the forecast quality in (cold) forming simulations reached a high level at least for standard materials. However, in order to evaluate the complete production cycle of complex parts potentially with high-performance materials, the assembly has to be taken into account in the virtual process chain.

DYNAmore Express: Overview on LS-TaSC and new features in version 4.1

LS-TaSC™ is a Topol­o­gy and Shape Com­pu­ta­tion tool. De­vel­oped for en­gi­neer­ing an­a­lysts who need to op­ti­mize struc­tures, LS-TaSC works with both the im­plic­it and ex­plic­it solvers of LS-DY­NA. LS-TaSC han­dles topol­o­gy op­ti­miza­tion of large non-lin­ear prob­lems, in­volv­ing dy­nam­ic loads and con­tact con­di­tions.

DYNAmore Express: Envyo - Mapping capabilities and recent developments

Envyo is a multi-purpose mapping tool developed and distributed by DYNAmore, dedicated to LS-DYNA users.

DYNAmore Express: Recent developments in GISSMO

This presentation will give an update about new options for the damage model that can be activated with the keyword *MAT_ADD_DAMAGE_GISSMO.

DYNAmore Express: Model Parameterization in ANSA

This Webinar will give you an overview of the various possibilities of ANSA to apply design changes via parameters, morphing and scripting.

DYNAmore Express: Coupling ANSA and META to LS-OPT

After having parameterized the simulation model, we will see how to setup and run an optimization with LS-OPT, ANSA and META.

DYNAmore Express: Introduction to material characterization

A short introduction to important and common material models is given. It will be briefly explained why which tests are necessary and what has to be taken into account in these tests.

DYNAmore Express: Good old *MAT_024 - A review of LS-DYNA’s most popular material model

In this presentation, we will begin with a short reviewof the theory behind *MAT_024 , followed by explanations about key features of the material model.

DYNAmore Express: LEGO® Crash Simulation in LS-DYNA: Data management for large-scale modells

When we saw a video of an actual physical crash of a LEGO® Porsche Technic Model on YouTube, we instantly thought we should be able to simulate this with the LS-DYNA® FEM solver.

DYNAmore Express: Modeling plastics in LS-DYNA - Isotropic Modelling of Thermoplastic

The webinar is held by our austrian partner 4a engineering.

DYNAmore Express: Tips and tricks for successful implicit analysis with LS-DYNA

The webinar provides useful tips for implicit analysis in LS-DYNA

DYNAmore Express: LS-PrePost: News, Tips and Tricks

In this presentation, we will introduce some of the new features.

DYNAmore Express: Beyond FEA - The Element-free Galerkin Method

This seminar, at first, will introduce the basic ideas of the EFG method followed by guidelines on how to use it in LS-DYNA. Furthermore, common application possibilities are illustrated.

DYNAmore Express: Dynaform 6.1 - New features and enhancements

The eta/DYNAFORM program is a special preprocessor for simulation of forming processes with LS-DYNA.

DYNAmore Express: Overview on Airbag-Modeling Possibilities in LS-DYNA

This DYNAmore Express Webinar will briefly present and compare the three different methods together with the necessary LS-DYNA keywords.