DYNAmore Human Body Model

HANS - our new human model, release expected in summer 2023

Looking back on its many years of experience in the field of human modeling, DYNAmore started to develop its own new human model in 2022. It is based on the geometry of a 50-percentile male adult. The model development will focus on the following key aspects:

  • Level of detail - Realistic modeling of the musculoskeletal system for detailed analyses of the skeleton and musculature at the geometry and material level
  • Robustness - Including robustness considerations during meshing and material card generation
  • Efficiency - Moderate element count and sparing use of "expensive" solver features
  • Usability - Escorting the entire workflow with positioning concepts, tools for pre- and post-processing as well as user support

A first version of HANS is expected to be available in summer 2023. We will keep you informed about features and development progress.

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